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Closures for bottle systems

Pure-Twist 2U

Pure-Twist U2After producing some three billion Terxo Cut closures, the time has now come to introduce the next generation. Terxo has spent the past three and a half years developing the new Terxo Cut, working in close co-operation with Elopak and their technology partners. The new closure sets new standards for convenience, sustainability and design. [continued]

TerxoCut: the "snappy" convenience closure for drinks cartons

TerxoCutSince 2003, Terxo has been producing a special screw-on closure for drinks cartons that makes them particularly convenient, secure and hygienic to handle: [continued]

Pure Twist X for more comfort

Pure TwistWe all know how practical and how comfortable it is, if you open the beverage carton and the "keep fresh membrane" is cut open at the same time. The closure Terxo Cut from the house of Terxo has been producing this convenience plus product for many years with big success. The big brother of the proven Terxo Cut is the new Pure Twist X [continued]


Breathing exerciser: from two, make one

Patients whose respiratory tract resistance varies in different areas of their lungs need to practise inhaling slowly and deeply, as well as learn how to exhale properly. Here special breathing apparatus can help: [continued]


Bellows bottles: spot-on application

When highly precise dispensing of the adhesive is required, Terxo's bellows bottle is the perfect choice. Above all, its concertina-style bellows construction offers two decisive advantages: [continued]


Einstein: Open, pour, shut - leakproof!

EinsteinAs easy as the handling of the Einstein closure sounds, it actually is. The patented, Terxo developed closure is now produced, under licence by a South American company. It is used with success for sealing crystal clear PET-milk bottles. [continued]


IDAHO – turns bottles on their heads

IDAHOKetchup, mayonnaise and other paste-type flavouring sauces can be extracted most easily from a flexible, "upside-down" bottle with a precise dispensing aperture. The IDAHO flip-top lid is perfect for such applications, for it has a large, sturdy cap that is easy to open: [continued]


Ergo for mess–free glueing

ErgoIt is not only in the food industry that the convenience notion has developed into a mega-trend; secure and clean dispensing is also required when it comes to applying adhesives. [continued]


K-Lean: Ultra precise adhesives closure

K-LeanWhat is desired? A precisely placed glue dot, a caterpillar like glue track, or placing the glue in awkward positions? All these (and lots more) requirements can be fulfilled by glue bottles or tubes [continued]


Snap-fit dose-dispensing closure

This closure, an improved version of an existing packaging used for hazardous goods, was among the winners of the German Packaging Award 2009. [continued]



Fitness out of a "VollFit" bottle


Fitness and wellness are fully en vogue and the market for products that support this trend is booming. Terxo's "VollFit" (top fit) bottle is perfect as a practical and stylish packaging for fitness and wellness drinks: [continued]


Standard bottle for standard glueing

StandardflascheIn the sphere of non-food, Terxo manufactures, among other things, bottles for adhesives. Standard bottles with a round cross-section are available in 20 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml sizes: [continued]


System solutions

Bellows bottle with an outer casing: protection and decoration all in one

The bellows bottle is also available with a plastic casing. This protects the bellows construction from being accidentally squeezed on the sides, and also makes it easier to hold the bottle firmly and apply the adhesive with ease: [continued]


Extremely precise application thanks to needle nozzle and membrane

Adhesive can be applied even more precisely than with the bellows bottle using the mini-bottle (5 ml), for this variant has an aperture onto which a kind of hypodermic needle can be mounted: [continued]


Cost-cutting glitter tube - from three, make two

Terxo also demonstrates its competence in the sphere of the development and processing of plastic in a particularly impressive way with its glitter tube. This tube is distinguished by its long, fine application nozzle, which makes it possible to finely dispense the adhesive: [continued]